Capital market veteran Amit Shah launches fintech startup A3 Tech to democratize financial services


A3 Tech, the Indian investment firm led by financial industry veteran and co-founder of IIFR Wealth Management Amit Shah, has announced the launch of its digital technology platform. By providing a way for independent financial advisers to compete with banks and large wealth management firms, A3 Tech’s technology will catalyze the transformation of the financial services industry, he said in a press release.

Amit Shah, CEO and Founder of A3 Tech, said the platform is designed to enable independent financial advisers to increase their business tenfold in 5 years.

With massive wealth creation occurring in tier two and tier three cities over the past decade, the platform will provide savvy entrepreneurs and budding financial advisors with world-class technology to launch future big money management companies. heritage.

“We provide a quasi-private banking platform for an advisor where an advisor would get everything they would get as if they were working at a larger bank or company, but on their own. This differentiated platform will help advisors standardize presentations, refine pitches and help them penetrate customers.

Over the years, the financial industry has observed that financial advisers get the first Rs 100 crore of assets under advice in their first few years in business, but struggled to scale to Rs 1,000 crore and -of the. A3 Tech’s vision is to help these advisors realize their true potential and build a strong brand that they can monetize later.

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Posted on: Monday January 10, 2022 11:46 am IST


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