CWG, Transcorp and FBN Holdings lead N47.48 billion capital market investment


One of the leading information technology services management companies in Nigeria, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), including Transcorp and First Bank Holdings, led the capital market investment last week based on volume, reports have revealed.

Indeed, the three companies contributed 43.65% and 4.38% respectively to the volume and value of the total stock turnover, Naija News understand.

The Nigerian Exchange Group’s trading activity reports last week revealed that 1.858 billion shares were traded in 20,861 transactions, worth N47.486 billion.

The trading report shows that investment in the Nigerian stock market increased from 1.6 trillion shares traded in 22,607 transactions last week, and worth N32.71 billion.

Based on the valuation, the top three performing sectors over the five trading days last week were the financial services industry, the ICT industry and conglomerates.

With investors trading 815.363 million shares valued at N7.066 billion in 10,736 transactions, the financial services sector led capital market activity.

The ICT industry followed with 596.575 million shares worth N845.020 million in 1,028 trades, to stay above the conglomerate industry, where 161.347 million shares were traded against 191.189 million naira in 983 transactions.

The report further revealed that CWG, Transcorp and FBN Holdings accounted for 810.748 million shares traded by investors in 1,499 transactions, worth 2.080 billion naira, while Courtville’s stock gained 24.32 % to go from 0.37 kobo per share to 0.46 kobo per share. , Naija News reports.

FM’s stock value gained N1 35kobo as the stock price ended the week at N7.90kobo per share against the N6.55kobo it opened with.

Eterna closed the week with N6.35kobo per share, rising by N0.74kobo to surpass its opening of N5.61kobo per share.

Skyway Aviation was on the list of winners as its share price gained N0.53kobo to rise from its opening of N5.30kobo to end the week at N5.83kobo per share.

Neimeth’s stock rose 10% over the week, with its share reaching N1.98kobo per share versus N1.80kobo it started with this week.

On the losing charts, Veritas Kapital was leading after an 8.70% loss, which reduced its stock value to N0.21kobo at the end of trading, from N0.23kobo.

Regency Assurance’s share value fell to N0.42kobo at the end of trading this week, having lost 8.70% from its opening price of N0.46kobo per share.

NEM Insurance lost N0.26kobo from its share to end the week with N3.70kobo per share, below the N3.96kobo per share it started trading with.

Transcorp stock fell 5.26% to end the week at 1.08 naira per share, down from the 1.14 kobo naira per share it started the week with.

Japaul Gold’s share price also fell during the week, losing 4.76% from its opening price of N0.42kobo to end trading at N0.40kobo per share.

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