Investment Bank vs Commercial Bank in 2022


Posted: Posted Date – 6:48 PM, Fri – 19 Aug 22

Commercial and investment banks operate in diverse markets with varying clienteles, target markets and regulatory environments. However, most people confuse the two as they belong to the same category, “BANKS”.

Anyone can learn investment banking, and several investment banking courses with internships available can help you jump-start a career in investment banking. Today in this article, we will discuss the differences between investment banking and commercial banking.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking focuses on supporting businesses, institutions, and other important organizations (such as governments) with financial management. It offers customers a wide range of options to help them achieve their financial goals.

Investment banks help their clients by issuing stocks, creating money, and underwriting stocks and debt securities. Additionally, investment banks are frequently involved in mergers and acquisitions. Investment banking is set up for the benefit of large corporations. For an initial public offering, the issuance of commercial shares is one of the most crucial tasks of investment banks (IPOs). The flow of money can become confusing when a company makes its shares available to the public for the first time. Investment banks are stepping in to help manage the situation.

What is the Commercial Bank?

Small and medium-sized businesses focus on commercial banking services, which meet their financial needs. They assist corporate clients with routine treasury tasks such as fundamental cash management services, foreign currency assistance and payment processing capabilities. They also offer lending options to their business customers, including overdrafts, revolving lines of credit, term loans, commercial mortgages, and acquisition financing. A federal government charter is generally required for commercial banks to operate. Sometimes the state or province where the bank is located issues the charter, not the federal government.

Difference Between Investment Banking and Commercial Banking

1. Types of customers

One of the most obvious distinctions is the customer base of commercial and investment banks. Investment bankers frequently collaborate internationally with large corporations and investors. Their job is to help these companies profit from their investments and obtain funds for important initiatives. The commercial bank provides advice and facilitates day-to-day financial transactions for small businesses and individuals. Generally speaking, these clients have less financial knowledge, which makes the type of job they need less difficult.

2. Capital strategies

Due to the bank’s cash reserves, it can provide loans to customers as and when required. As a result, a commercial bank can easily provide loans to its customers for various purposes. On the other hand, an investment bank must secure the funds for its clients. A client can instruct an investment bank to sell any debt in exchange for funding. The investment bank must find qualified investors who will buy the shares and generate income for its clients.

3. Degrees of risk

In terms of investment, investment banking is more volatile and risky than commercial banking. Other elements, such as government oversight, help make commercial banking a safe, low-risk model for customers and investors. Comparatively speaking, investment banking carries a higher level of risk due to its clients " nature. Because an investment bank only makes money when its clients make money, it also loses money when a trade fails.

4. Services provided

Significant variations in services are another factor. Large sums of money are handled by investment banks, which also offer their clients advice on sound investments. Commercial banks handle day-to-day financial transactions and small credit applications for mainly private borrowers.


Any financial industry needs a commercial and investment bank, as each institution offers different tax services to its clients. We hope this article will help you better understand their differences and help you in the future.


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