Iter closes latest funding round for psychedelics pool, capital market investment higher than expected


Psychedelic venture capital funds Iter Investments recently closed its last Fund I cycle with over $20 million committeda success given the targeted increase in their first fund launch in April 2021, and an indication of investor interest in the psychedelics market.

Iter’s team includes experts and professionals within the space representing the end-to-end psychedelic value chain, enabling investment opportunity sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management.

Through its Fund I, Iter has built an active portfolio of 16 companies with privileged access to new investments, including: providers of psychedelic actives such as Psygene; pharmaceutical R&D companies such as Psilera, Beckley Psytech, Clairvoyant, Reset Pharma, Apex Labs, Wesana, Awakn Life Sciences and Freedom Bio; clinics such as Awakn Life Sciences and Wesana; and technology and other supporting infrastructure such as Tripp, aNUma and Fluence.

Iter’s portfolio also includes a wide range of compounds, ranging from psilocybin, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA, LSD, ketamine to psychedelic analogs and new chemical entities, also covering a wide range of indications: alcohol use disorder, PTSD, cancer-distress, depression, anxiety, gambling addiction and behavioral health problems.

Iter has also launched Core, a holding company for various media, data and technology assets. Its ecosystem consists of a directory to find clinics, clinicians and retreats; a data platform to help companies and individuals seeking research, data and analysis on the psychedelic industry; data and analytics for investors in the psychedelic space; a marketing agency for holistic wellness practitioners and life science organizations; and a decentralized community building the future of wellbeing.

Co-founder Dustin Robinson said the fund’s mission is to help entrepreneurs building businesses reinvent the way the health industry approaches the mental and behavioral health sectors.

Addressing the closing round, he said, “The launch of our initial fund was a very successful year and we have built some incredible partnerships along the way. We closely monitor emerging trends and research surrounding the psychedelic industries and are excited about all that the industry has to offer.”

Iter’s co-founder Robert Vilaverde expressed, “We have seen incredible investor interest over the past year, and combined with continued progress in R&D and clinical trials, this confirms our view of the great potential of the psychedelics industry. We look forward to continue to serve the funding gap between psychedelic drug research and mass commercialization while aiming to offer portfolio companies what we consider to be expert guidance to support their growth and success.”


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