IVU Traffic Technologies AG: Publication of information on the capital market


IVU Traffic Technologies AG: Disclosure in accordance with Art. 5 sec. 1 bed. b) and Sec. 3 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 – 3e Interim announcement

During the period from December 20, 2021 to December 23, 2021 inclusive, IVU Traffic Technologies AG acquired a total of 12,832 shares of the company at a volume weighted average price of 20.2904 EUR under its program. share buyback in progress, which was announced with the announcement of December 10, 2021 in accordance with art. 5 sec. 1 letter a) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 and art. 2 sec. 1 of Delegated Regulation (EU) n ° 2016/1052.

The number of shares repurchased is as follows

Dated Total volume of shares repurchased (units) Volume Weighted Average Price (EUR)1
20 December 2021 3 992 20.0101
December 21, 2021 4000 20.0900
22 December 2021 4000 20.1473
23 December 2021 840 20.9143
Total 12 832 20.2904

1 Excluding incidental purchase costs, rounded to four places according to commercial usage.

The total number of shares repurchased by IVU Traffic Technologies AG since December 10, 2021 as part of the share repurchase program amounts to 38,269 shares. The acquisition of the shares of IVU Traffic Technologies AG is carried out on the basis of the ad hoc announcement of December 10, 2021 by a bank mandated by the company exclusively through the stock exchange (XETRA trading).

Detailed information is available on the Company’s website www.ivu.com under Investor Relations / IVU Share.

Berlin, December 27, 2021

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