Samsung, SK, LG 1H22 panel capital investment bet; JAE expands production of automotive thin-film electrostatic sensors; Geely’s globalization strategy yields positive results

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Asia Enterprise’s observation for this issue includes: South Korea’s three largest companies increase capital investment in panel sector, while battery and semiconductor investment varies, Samsung Biotech and LG Innotek doubling their investments. The demand for non-contact touch technology is increasing and Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) is expanding its production of thin-film electrostatic sensors for automobiles. Geely Holding Group’s global expansion plan for new energy vehicles is delivering results, from product export to technology export.


  • Introduction

  • Asia Tech Industry Summary, August 20-26

  • Table 1: Semiconductor

  • Table 2: Electronic components

  • Table 3: EV and automobile

  • Samsung, SK, LG 1H22 battery, semiconductor investment varies as all focus on panels

  • Table 4: Capital investment of Samsung, SK, LG, 2021-2022 (KRWb)

  • Growing demand for contactless touch technology; JAE expands into the automotive market

  • Table 5: JAE thin-film electrostatic sensor technology and applications

  • Geely Auto Group’s globalization strategy shows positive results; Sales of new energy vehicles have increased almost 4 times, exports have increased by 60%

  • Table 6: Global presentation of Geelys: Geely Auto Group, Volvo Car Group, Lotus Group

  • Table 7: Global footprint of Geelys and expansion by brands in 2022

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