Vyzer chooses Salt Edge to integrate Open Banking during its investments


Fintech based in Israel Vyzer partnered with Open Banking salt edge to allow investors to connect and synchronize their European bank accounts when investing.

Through this partnership, affluent investors will be able to instantly connect and sync their European bank accounts, have comprehensive analysis of investment performance and fully digital cash flow tracking in a single dashboard.

Vyzer empowers investors to manage, plan, and control their entire wealth portfolio entirely digitally, delivering AI-powered insights to maximize returns. Leveraging Salt Edge’s Account Insights API, Vyzer will enable its customers in Israel and Switzerland to connect their bank accounts and perform automated tracking of their portfolio performance. Salt Edge’s data enrichment solutions will refine Vyzer’s existing financial planning tools, making them even more insightful and personalized.

Commenting on the partnership, Vyzer representatives explained that they were looking for a stable and secure solution to offer their customers a wider selection of institutions to connect to and provide real-time value, and Salt Edge met those requirements. . Leveraging Salt Edge’s Open Banking solutions, their customers will connect their European accounts at any bank to get a modern service. Additionally, their global expansion plans are perfectly in sync with Salt Edge’s coverage of over 5,000 financial institutions in over 50 countries.

Digitization in modern society

According to the press release, our current society is in the midst of a digital revolution that is driven by the unprecedented expansion and reliance on electronic data that is rapidly becoming a vital commodity. Technology is transforming the way we live, work, learn and save. Investing seems more accessible and modern investment platforms like Vyzer help achieve all individual financial goals in the easiest way possible.

Salt Edge officials said that in today’s world, it’s important to offer easy-to-use, all-digital solutions to investors. Equipped with data-driven Open Banking solutions, Vyzer will now provide all the tools needed to give everyone access to a diversified portfolio tailored to everyone’s risk appetite. At Salt Edge, they are excited about this collaboration, entering the world where everyone can more easily access investments with just a few taps on their phone.

More information about Vyzer

Vyzer is an integrative platform that allows investors to manage complex portfolios with all asset classes through a single dashboard, automatically monitoring investment performance, analyzing financial documents, tracking trading cash investing and providing data-driven AI-based insights and recommendations.


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