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Nathan and Eda Walldorf have been investing in real estate in the Chattanooga area for over 10 years. They viewed real estate investing as part of their retirement plan. Then the Walldorfs learned that they could expand and invest in apartment buildings with groups of investors. From there, Walldorf Capital Ventures LLC was born. The Walldorfs have invested significant time and money in training renowned multifamily apartment veterans and mentors, including Brad Sumrok and Grant Cardone, and in networking with other investors nationwide. , in order to become experts in investment of apartments.

In their vision for Walldorf Capital Ventures, Mr. and Mrs. Walldorf said, “We saw an opportunity to provide investors with exponential investment growth, tax savings, a transition to financial freedom and the creation of generational wealth through multi-family investing. We also saw an opportunity to help people leverage their time and money, through this avenue of passive investing, through a real/tangible and appreciable asset, which is very stable. It is an investment class generally reserved for insurance companies and corporations. Essentially, there are plenty of opportunities for our clients to reap the benefits and double their initial investments through the growth in value of these assets.

The Walldorfs also see investment in apartments as a hedge against inflation in today’s market. “You have few options these days when it comes to protecting your wealth. You can leave your funds in the bank or on the stock exchange and through inflation and market fluctuations you can expect them to devalue and/or depreciate by up to 9% – and upwards. . Alternatively, you can grow it safely, investing in one of the safest asset classes, with projected returns ranging from 4-6% average annualized, additional tax advantages, while benefiting from a advantage, doubling the total. initial investment, over a period of 3 to 5 years, once the asset has been sold and the business plan has been executed.

This year alone, Walldorf Capital Ventures has already partnered with other investors to create a team of general partners in three different apartment building syndications. Each partner offers a unique skill set, to help own and operate apartment buildings as well as to communicate with investors.

Mr. Walldorf said: “A few years ago I would never have thought that we could own an apartment building, but we now own 458 units as general partners and nearly 1,800 units as limited partners.

The Walldorfs were publicly recognized by business mentor Grant Cardone at his recent real estate summit in Miami, Florida for their exponential business growth and overall impact on their net worth, thanks to investment in apartments. In just one year, they have grown their portfolio from 16 units to just under 2,000. The Walldorfs educate the public on how to invest in apartment buildings, in an informed way, and give the public the opportunity to invest in apartment buildings by leveraging their expertise, officials said.

The Walldorfs said a good financial advisor will tell you that you need real estate in your investment portfolio. Most people don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing a property manager or fixing a rental home after it’s been ransacked by a tenant. Walldorf Capital Ventures does this for investors and does it at scale. Unlike single-family homes, apartment buildings do not have steep declines in value. Apartments have proven to be a recession proof asset over the years and an investment of choice for multinational corporations adept at protecting their wealth. When people can’t buy houses, they rent. When housing prices are higher than people can afford, they rent. Millennials are putting enormous pressure on the rental stock, driving up rents. When rents and income from an apartment building increase, the value of the property increases.

To learn more about Walldorf Capital Ventures and learn more about passive investing in apartment buildings, book an appointment with Mr. and Mrs. Walldorf.


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