Weekly Capital Market Report, week ending 06-01-22



Wallet: It is a collection of investments held by an organization or individual, and managed as a collective whole with specific investment objectives in mind.

EQUITY MARKET HIGHLIGHTS: The Ghana stock market lost 46.98 points to close at 2,742.336; returns -1.68% year-to-date.

The benchmark GSE Composite (GSE-CI) at the end of the week fell 46.98 points to close at 2,742.36, resulting in a YTD return of -1.68%. The GSE financial stock index (GSE-FSI), meanwhile, remained stable to close the week at 2,151.85, resulting in a YTD return of 0.00%. Scancom automaton. (MTNGH) at the end of the week lost 0.04 GH ¢ to close at 1.07 GH ¢, causing the market cap to drop GH ¢ 487.71 million during the week to close the trading week opening of the year at GH ¢ 64 billion

A total of 25.06 million shares valued at GH ¢ 26.52 million were traded during the week, compared to 5.08 million shares valued at GH ¢ 6.72 million. ¢ which were traded the previous week.

Scancom automaton. (MTNGH) recorded the highest number of trades, accounting for 99.6% and 99.0% of total traded value and volume respectively.


  • Typically, stocks outperform all other investment options over a ten-year period, making them a must-have for a long-term portfolio.
  • They are excellent vehicles for retirement.

With the exception of a few short periods, stocks have consistently outperformed the rate.


Godwin Kojo Odoom: Senior Research Analyst

Edna Awurama Fosua: Analyst

Nelson Cudjoe Kuagbedzi: Analyst

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