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Traders remained nervous ahead of US inflation data due later in the day that will decide the course of the pace of Fed tightening. With FII outflows worth $22 billion in the first five months of 2022 and continuing, investors are very worried. Here are some of the tweets from the best minds in the capital market that may give some insight into what to expect and what needs to be done.

Focus on US inflation

Market veteran PR Sundar (@PRSundar64) said US and Indian markets are too worried about US inflation than US consumers. In another tweet, PR Sundar said: “A huge short is happening. Metals and Autos are recovering. Even IT is recovering a bit. The problem is Finance, HDFC, Kotak, Bajaj Finance are leading the way. Nifty Future needs to clear 16280 for bulls to have energy.”

Ajay Bagga (@Ajay_Bagga), another market expert, warned: US CPI derivatives markets show May CPI will come in at 8.5% vs. consensus estimates of 8.2 at 8.3% from various publications. And rising to 8.8% in August and settling at 8% in October. The markets have every reason to be VERY CONCERNED. If those numbers turn out to be correct.”

Another widely followed veteran Ashwani Gujral (@AshwaniGujral6) said, “Nifty breaks the 50pc zone of 16300, look forward to 15700.”

Commercial strategy

According to Raamdeo Agrawal of Motilal Oswal Finacial Services (@Raamdeo), “There is no other reason for FIIs to sell India other than the valuation gap. Either they have to accept the premium from Indian markets, or they can wait for valuations to come down. We’ll have to wait and watch.”

In an opinion, D Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk), an independent market analyst based in Tamil Nadu), tweeted “No stock can escape a 50% drop. Even Berkshire has corrected around 50%, four times in the past last 5 decades.

In another tweet, he said: “Every investing style goes through both good and bad times. Consistently sticking to one style ensures that you reap the rewards when the right time comes. Changing your style frequently can make you miss all the good times and maybe even get you through all the bad times.”

According to Vijay Kedia, (@VijayKedia1), “The key to success is how many stocks you’ve seen fall and how many bear markets you’ve seen.”

Va Nagappan (@nagappanv), another avid follower of the Chennai market, tweeted: “Many in the markets following the asset allocation should be grateful for 2021-22; it has provided plenty of opportunities to make gains. profits and settle their home/vehicle loans and be debt free. Hopefully they follow asset allocation in a disciplined way and enjoy 2022-23 as well.”

Nikhil Kamath, Founder of Zerodha, (@nikhilkamathcio), said, “9 times out of 10, when things aren’t going your way, doing nothing is the best thing. In life and in mkts…”

Is it time to bet on the long term?

Some voices also advise investors to choose long-term stocks.

CNI Research’s Kishor Ostwal (@KISHOROSTWAL), tweeted: “Despite the recent rally, the Citi Levkovich Index is still in the #extremefear category. Investor sentiment is dangerously close to tipping into “panic” territory. If the pattern remains at current levels, it suggests a “very attractive long-term entry point.”

Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk), one of the most followed experts, said in a tweet: “8 months and a market limited by the range From next quarter, stocks showing earnings growth will be increased disproportionately .”

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June 10, 2022


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